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Vulnerability is my Super-power

Vulnerability is my Super-power

2nd May,2022

With lot of excitement I had shared with my school friends about my upcoming Ladakh trip and my 11k run. Best of the plans and training can fail ๐Ÿ™ . I Had to return back due to health issues within 3 days of landing in Leh.

Yesterday while sharing this with my school friends on our WhatsApp group ,one of my friend commented on my super power of never shying away from showing my vulnerable side and sharing my failures. How often we feel showing our vulnerable side is a sign of weakness and people will judge us? This got me thinking and this post is the outcome of my reflection as to how Vulnerability these days is a leader’s super-power.


Vulnerability: A Leader’s Superpower in today’s time

As a leader being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but show of strength that you have the power to acknowledge your weakness. No one is invincible or can’t possibly be wrong or make a mistake. Vulnerability fosters emotional and mental health. Open up and see how you easily build trust in a way that gets people to follow and execute on the vision you create. They become more involved and invested.

Being vulnerable as a leader involves a change in mindset that enables you to see through the eyes of the people you lead. By doing so you invite them to become drivers of the conversation. On personal level we become more resilient and brave when we embrace who we truly are and what we are feeling.

This is one super power of mine I have learnt in my decade of Buddhism practice and regularly apply and use on work front with my clients/colleagues/partners/collaborators.



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