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Solopreneur Coach

“She believed she could, so she did.”

Ever since my layoff and decision to be an independent finance professional, I have been questioned.

Questions are good as they make you think hard, reflect, and strive to get answers. As a solopreneur, most of the time it is supposed to be done all by oneself. I have been striving for the first five years alone, then came networking, learning, collaborating, and outsourcing.

Since it has been learning by doing case for me, I know how it strains and drains oneself. In between, I have had my struggles with health. While combating all these I decided to share it all. I started pro-bono by handholding my bunch of friends who started solo, as a freelancer, and also those who have been silently adding value to their clients but are not really able to scale up.

Solopreneur coaching is like my side-hustle where I wish to share, expand and spread the bits I have learned, strategies I have applied, and things I learned and unlearned to scale up my business.

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