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The magic of taking small steps daily

The magic of taking small steps daily

Magic of taking small steps daily

14th July,2021

10 months ago I took a leap of faith and challenged myself to run 5k.I was not in a good shape. So from zero to 5k was herculean task. I joined a running mentoring program to help me with my goal. A very well structured program which taught me an important lesson…

The magic of incremental change when you take small steps daily. At the start it didn’t look like much but over a period there was massive improvement.

In the month of March I walked/jogged/ran 117 kms in 20 days and 10 days back I was able to do trail walk of 14kms without any discomfort or back pain(I have a history of lower back pain and in general my body is stiff).I never in my life did squats. But today as part of strength training I do 120 daily.

In last 10 months I barely noticed the changes and how closer I was towards my goal and suddenly I was there. This holds true for anything we want to do in life and not just running.

As a solopreneur I have seen how success is achieved by taking one step at a time. The success has not been overnight. Its been series of small steps on daily basis.

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