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We want love, happiness, hope in our lives….

We want love, happiness, hope in our lives….

2nd May,2021

On my therapist encouragement I started doodling after a gap of 2 decades. At the start it was challenging. I was rusty and I felt I had lost my mojo. I was scared to even lift the pencil.

Soon doodling became part of daily ritual. More I drew, researched and read books, my brain started opening and my inherent potential started revealing itself.

I started noticing humour in my daily interactions. Humour always appeal to everyone whatever the age. It has the power to encourage, inspire and motivate people.

Last few days have been challenging for all of us. There is a sense of despair, hopelessness and helplessness among people. So from doodling for therapeutic reasons now my doodling has become my mission to spread happiness, joy, hope in my environment.

I did not anticipate the outpouring of responses to my simple doodles carrying message of hope, love, power of prayers.

This made me reflect. We want love, happiness, hope in our lives. We get this automatically when we spread the same. What do you think?


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