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Financial Fitness

“Physical and Mental Fitness is the way to Financial Fitness. Ensure one and enjoy the other.”
– Rashi Bhargava

SBS Fin, a boutique modelled mutual fund distributor firm that was set-up as a side-hustle by my dad which I joined as a co-founder almost a decade ago.

Being brought up in a middle class Indian household, the lessons of personal finance came in handy right from my childhood. I learnt the essence of money management during my hustle as a kid in Delhi, thankfully I was blessed with the means that I never got lost.

Then came my MBA and I was drawn towards finance as a subject and personal finance as a necessity for one and all.

Over the years, my struggle with back pain, my mother’s critical illness and numerous client stories around me, gave me my new identity, ‘financial fitness expert’ and further on my passion projects that are, ‘physical or mental fitness is financial fitness’. Now I cater to the personal finance as well as financial necessities like insurance at SBS Fin. You can visit us here.

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