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Mental Health Warrior

After spending a considerable share of my savings on mental health, I realised that most practitioners are catering to a high end audience.

More I learnt from my therapy and dug deep into the process, I realised that not only was the therapy helpful but opening up about my mental health with friends is what gave me strength to pursue the same. Each one of us struggle, some with a great support system and others in silence.

Bringing Create exclusive small support groups for entrepreneurs, friends and industry networks who feel there is a need for mental health awareness, hand holding and help.

I am open to be the mental health warrior for you – as an individual and even arrange group sessions for you. Please note this is a voluntary support group and I am not practicing this in any professional capacity, though as we work on this space – I am already a student of the Mental Health First Aid Certification.

As a mental health warrior, I am currently spreading positive vibes through

  1. Talking, walking, running and motivating my support groups by sharing experiences.
  2. Indulging into art – doodling and bookmarks for causes, purpose and even for breaking the patterns.
  3. Experience sharing through deck cards, i do this for different communities that are trying to beat the mental health blues – through physical fitness, counseling or therapies.

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