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My Date with Indian Railway Veg Cutlet

My Date with Indian Railway Veg Cutlet

23rd March,2023

The Indian Railway Veg cutlet was scheduled to be my lunch on March 21. The night before, I dreamt about it:) My non-resident Indian friend Radhika was in town and wanted to sample some Indian street food. Khan Market was the closest after our stroll through Lodhi Garden. Extremely hungry, we stopped at Café Delhi Heights, Khan Market.

Radhika initially glanced at the Indian Railway Veg Cutlet while perusing the menu. Obviously, it was a unanimous decision. We were about to be surprised. It was served identically to how Indian Railways would have. Two huge, crispy cutlets topped with steamed carrot, beans, and peas and served in an aluminum foil container.

There was definitely something alluring about the veg cutlets! Crispy texture and flavourful filling…. The nostalgia they evoked, especially for us who had enjoyed them on train journeys. The combination of delicious flavors and fond memories made the veg cutlets a truly irresistible lunch snack with my friend.

Note: Cutlets are a popular snack in India and are typically made by shaping a mixture of mashed vegetables, spices, and breadcrumbs into small patties and then deep-frying or pan-frying them until they are crispy and golden brown on the outside.

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