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Meet Rashi

“Hope is a decision.”

Rashi is a solo-preneur working as a cofounder for SBS Fin, the firm that was initiated by her father as a side hustle. Her lay off carved the path and she has been busy polishing and planting flowers throughout her pathway ever since.

The underlying statement here, “Hope is a decision summarises the last 10 year of her being a solopreneur”. Her journey from being a personal finance enthusiast to a financial fitness expert has been a bumpy ride that she sailed successfully from 0 to 50 Cr in AUM.

She has emerged not only as a solopreneur – personal finance expert, a collaborator but also as someone who embarked and lives by the principle “Physical Fitness is Financial Fitness”. Flashback 2 years ago, she is now cautioning and guiding people on ‘mental health’ and its significance as well.

As you explore more about Rashi in this space, you will see how her journey has evolved with the not so obvious belief that, ‘Hope is a decision’.

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