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‘I’ am not experienced enough or ‘I don’t have enough time ‘ or ‘What will I share’

‘I’ am not experienced enough or ‘I don’t have enough time ‘ or ‘What will I share’

‘I’ am not experienced enough or ‘I don’t have enough time ‘ or ‘What will I share’

These are common counter-arguments my brain keeps throwing at my heart when it comes to mentoring someone 🙂 The heart is always ready for new things.

I have been fairly regular in posting on LinkedIn and enjoy the interactions with my connections. In the last two years, I am fortunate so many people have connected with me and enriched my network.

Recently Jainam shah an impressive youngster, a fellow traveler in this life journey with dreams of making a career in the personal finance space reached out to me for guidance. Before he reached out to me he had done his homework well 🙂

I was a little apprehensive, thinking about what will I share? Is my life journey, and career trajectory powerful enough? Do I have the bandwidth to mentor somebody if it’s going to be regular and not just one interaction?

I don’t know how much I added value 🙂 The interaction and Jainam’s barrage of questions on my career choice, and future in financial advisory left me with new learnings and reflections. Today’s meet-up was more rewarding for me than probably it was for him.

* Mentoring can be a joy I discovered
*One feels good to give something back
*I wish I had someone to guide me when I entered the industry
*I learned from Jaiman more about passion and his enthusiasm was infectious

Lesson from today’s encounter: Learn to give as much as you take by mentoring others and perpetuating the pay it forward cycle. Mentorship can be rewarding for both mentor and mentee. The interaction with Jainam has left me with no doubt that he will carve out a successful career for himself. His tenacity, endeavor, and zeal will ensure that he achieves everything he ever dreamed of. In return, he has taught me some valuable tricks of the trade 😉

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