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Being consistent is hard

Being consistent is hard

11th March,2022

Being consistent is very hard, at least for me. And if you want to achieve anything be it in your work or personal life you need to be consistent. Sticking through is required if you are running your own company or preparing for a run(in my case these days its my 11k run in Leh) On most of the days, you have to push yourself to do things which you don’t want to do or feel bogged down with.

Why it is hard to be consistent because we tend to focus on the outcome more than the process. We are more drawn to the positive feelings of outcomes rather than the struggle of the journey. Last 5 months have been a roller coaster journey while training for my 1st 11k.Most of us quit during the struggle before we can experience the rewards of staying the course.

How can you be consistent? Below are a couple of hacks that have worked for me:

1.Routine.Routines are powerful

2.Schedule.Every Sunday I devote 10-15 minutes to prepare my weekly schedule w.r.t my personal and work commitments.

It’s easy to pile on tasks and promises, but a calendar, planner, or schedule keeps me on track. It helps me plan my day so that I get everything done on time. It also help me understand what commitments I do and do not have time for.

3.Specific and realistic goals. Training for my first 11k under a guidance has given me specific goals on daily basis. I know I have to run/walk thrice a week, strength train thrice a week and do running drills twice a week.

4.Reminders.I schedule reminders on my phone. Sometimes, it is easy to forget new goals, habits, commitments, or promises, especially when we make them to ourselves. To remind myself throughout the day, I put messages to myself.

5.Reward.I reward myself on completion of my goals. This keeps me motivated.

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