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Using Silence as a self-reflection

Using Silence as a self-reflection

20th June,2021

A dear friend is on voice rest for last few days. Over use of voice and insane working hours took a toll on her vocal cords. Today while checking on her and her journey to recovery, she mentioned that she is using this silence as a means to self reflect.

Her message got me thinking. I am a hyper active person. But for people like me silence is equally important. Because silence permits reflection that can help us connect threads in a seemingly disorganized and disconnected world we live in.

In our empty moments we tend to reach out to our hand held devices, rather than sit in silence and hear our inner voice. Silence is being drowned out by the human-generated noise of the digital age, courtesy easy access to 24*7 news and the cacophony of tweets, Facebook posts, and online chatter via email and sms.

Our everyday activities online—reading, tweeting, blogging, posting, liking may not be loud. Yet psychologically, they are deafening. Life online just doesn’t allow for much inner quiet or self-reflection.

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