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Key to Ramping Productivity is Creativity

Key to Ramping Productivity is Creativity

2nd April 2022

Unleash your Creativity and Ramp up your Productivity 

I love trying different stuff to destress myself over the weekend and re charge myself for the coming week. This Saturday got the opportunity to attend Ikebana workshop-art of flower arrangement organized by Alma Bakery Cafe

I believe that creativity and self-expression are a human need, a rudiment to wellbeing, and we are often stalled in this because of some long-held beliefs that we are not “good enough” to do it.

When creativity and self-expression are choked, people plunge in their day to day stresses and limiting self-beliefs which in turn can lead to more stress, brain-fog and decreased productivity.

The workshop helped me unblock and unlock my creativity. Also helped me de-stress, relax, refocus and refresh by releasing my inner creative potential there by inspiring confidence and smart productivity.

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