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2000 designs in 21 months

2000 designs in 21 months

When my friends look at this Certificate from Canva, one of the first questions that come to mind is, “How did you manage to be so consistent?”.

Track Record is the primary yardstick by which professionals are evaluated. Most people can host one successful meeting, presentation, or conference. Most people can occasionally summon perfection. However, doing so regularly demonstrates something unique and worthwhile.

To clients, consistency is a promise. It spellsย dependability and longevity.

Being Consistent: A Guide

In all honesty, being consistent is a slow process. Repeating a good action or set of actions until it becomes characteristic of you is what it means to be consistent.

This is quite similar to establishing a routine…

1. Pick one goal at a time.

Consistency development is counter to human nature. At first, it may seem like a lot to take on. It necessitates a substantial investment of time and work. Don’t make things harder on yourself by trying to tackle too much at once…

The key is to narrow your attention to a single goal at a time.

2. Creating a useful routine won’t happen overnight. No human mind operates in such a way. It takes persistence and concentration.

You should take time to appreciate the progress you’ve made thus far. They will serve as inspiration.

3. The brain is an energy-consuming organ. Since it requires much effort, we can experience mental sluggishness or laziness when we are confronted with a difficult task, such as maintaining consistency.

We can legitimately feel exhausted at times. But sometimes, it’s a trick of biology…

Do not give in to their ploy. Continue onward. Confront your feelings head-on. Don’t ignore this, or you’ll be stranded forever.

4. You will get tired as you work toward your consistency goals. You will fall. And that’s okay.

Consistency is a key factor in establishing credibility in the workplace.

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