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Financial Lessons I learnt from My Mom

Financial Lessons I learnt from My Mom

8th May,2022
American politician and lawyer, James E. Faust, once said, “A mother’s influence on her children is beyond calculation.” Realized this when she is no more with me. My Mom was undoubtedly my first teacher. She taught me how to walk, talk, laugh and cry. If I was hurt, she loved me, and when I was wrong, she gave me a big whack ;). She shaped me into the person the world sees today. However, there is one thing she seldom gets credit for. That’s teaching me how to manage my finances.
Lessons I learnt from My Mom:
1.Create a budget.
2.जितनी चादर हो उतना ही पैर फैलाना चाहिये
3.Save before you spend
4.Stash spare money in cookie jar/under clothes 😉 
5.Be Financially Independent 

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