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Why It’s worth investing in your Mental Health?

Why It’s worth investing in your Mental Health?

It has taken Covid-19 to highlight the issue of mental health and the importance of mental wellbeing. After decades of brushing aside, organizations, employers, and individuals are realizing and waking up to the importance of mental health, its serious implications on productivity and economic activity. Still miles to go before we de-stigmatize mental health and acknowledge that mental health is and will be a bigger health issue than cancer in times to come. The issue is still talked about in hush hush tones. We are not ready to acknowledge that we may have an issue. Are we even prepare for this Tsunami which will hit mankind in days to come?

On World Mental Health Day, I like to do my bit and share my thoughts on why it is worth investing in therapy based on my experience of undergoing therapy. It took some divine intervention in the form of my trainer who became the first person in my life to link my physical wellbeing with mental wellbeing. Somebody finally in my environment connected the dots in my life and made the connect between body and mind 😊 Once the connect was made and I met my therapist my life changed completely as the therapy progressed. And for this I will always be grateful to my trainer Chetan Sehgal and my therapist Dr. Divya Parashar, who is an amazing mental health care professional.

Few reasons sharing from my life as to why seeking mental health help is okay:

1.Mental health struggles are part of being human. We all experience difficulties and challenges in our lives. No one is alone in this.

2. It’s okay not to be okay and showing your vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but strength. Seeking therapy is all right. Reaching out to a mental health professional isn’t sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength…it’s a sign that you want to feel better and are willing to take action to get better.

3.Our thoughts at times our worst enemies. Mental health takes a hit when we get stuck in negative thoughts. This was the case with me. I was struggling to accept my Mom’s demise and was caught in the vicious cycle of acceptance, guilt, grudges leading to sleepless nights, nightmares, and anxiety issues.

4.I was struggling for more than a year. I had started feeling that things will never get better and I was stuck in a quicksand with no way out. But therapy proved otherwise.

Yes, therapy is a considerable personal investment in myself, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Therapy is a deliberate way to invest in your self-improvement across various aspects of life. ROI is something more than assigning a figure/value. Trust me its more expensive to ignore your mental health.

The persistent symptoms of low feeling and anxiety made me distracted and unmotivated and it had a direct impact on my work. Luckily, my clients were understanding but not all of us may enjoy that luck. The financial ramifications can be damaging.

Once I was in therapy, I was proactive about my treatment, diligent in my assignments. I was also vocal and honest with everyone in my environment about my therapy.

Think about it, if you are not spending money on healing the wound, it’ll be spent on band-aids. Self-care is essential, but it often costs money. My blues become a spiraling excuse for unnecessary wants. Expensive, quick fix solutions will end up costing more than the cure itself.

So, what was my ROI (Return on Investment) 😊

I am a changed person, it is like I have new pair of eyes with which I am navigating life and re-framing things differently to take on challenges thrown by life and Covid.

I am equipped with practical tools to take on life.(Tools I learnt in therapy)

I have a healthy and sustainable morning and evening routine.(Importance of Morning and Evening Routine)

I sleep better.

I am mindful about my eating.

I am more focused, energized, and clear with my thoughts.

I am more assertive and confident.

Work productivity has gone up.

I am bubbling with newer ideas and reaching newer levels of success

I am managing work stress better.

Relationship with friends and clients deeper and more focused.

I was struggling to get to 5 km running, now it looks doable and I have learned that anything in life consistency is important than form. Once you are consistent, victory will come. Have no doubt.

Therapy is the “mental and emotional health education” that we never got in school. Therapy is an opportunity to learn about and address these important parts of our lives and health. A big part of therapy is psychoeducation, in which the therapist teaches you about your diagnosis, and the intricacies of the challenges you are facing.

You may learn about what is causing the stress and anxiety you are experiencing, how the brain functions. How your own behavior and attitude is stumbling block to success.

Investing in therapy signals to your internal system that you value your mental and emotional wellbeing. Seeking therapy takes courage, so if you are considering therapy, congratulations – you’re already halfway there!

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