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Rashi The Rockstar, The Best Self

Rashi The Rockstar, The Best Self

Recently my Life coach gave me an assignment titled “Rashi the Rockstar, the best self”. Looks perplexingly simple assignment. But was it that simple? The homework took me on a roller coaster ride through my past, failures, struggles, brought back painful memories. Revisiting them in my quest to visualize the best self, I went deeper into my past experiences and as a result assimilated the lessons into my new future self.

Pre Covid-19 we had been running in different directions, juggling, and balancing things like a trained juggler without taking a pause or a breather thinking what is the life I am living for? Is this the way I should continue going? Many times we felt lost, especially in chaotic times in our life journey. But Covid-19 has forced us to think, dig deep and question, our very reason for existence. How covid-19 has given me an opportunity to spend time with myself, pen down my thoughts, feelings, emotions. Feel and breath the air. Lament, thank, live, love, hope and inspire.

So seemingly simple assignment was not so simple. Visualizing your future self was only possible when I chose to be authentic and in sync with my inner self. That required me to reflect and dive deep into my painful past. Life can be so much more when you know who you are and where you are going. When you shift your focus to who you are and what you want out of life, you find your true self. Creating boundaries, being self-aware, and identifying your wounds are only a few ways to reclaim your powers and live the life, you have always dreamed of.

Rashi the Rockstar, the best self-exercise was like a tequila shot of optimism -The simple yet powerful exercise packed a punch. Before the exercise imagining my future self-caused anxiety but after writing it down the entire exercise made me happy and improved my outlook towards the future which looked bleak and uncertain as we view today amidst Covid-19. The exercise taught me about my triggers, things that I wanted to change in short/medium/long term, explore my own shadow and most of all discover myself once again to become the better version of who I was pre Covid-19😊. It also helped me restructure my priorities in my daily life in order to reach my goals and most importantly gave me a purpose.

How about you? If you are worried where your life is headed or feeling stressed out, depressed, do this exercise. Ask yourself “What does my best version looks like in the future”? What are you waiting for?

Take a moment to think. Sit down, write down what your ideal future self looks like in 3/5/10 years. Be specific as you want, be general as you want. Don’t hold back. Remember, this is a perfect scenario. Once you’ve gone through the exercise, treat your ideal best future self as your long-term project, then work backwards. Use the long-term as a signpost and base your mid-term and short-term actions on the steps you need to take to get there. And You have got your reason/purpose to live and wake up each day with motivation and a big smile on your face😊.

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