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Feelings Wheel

Feelings Wheel

4th August,2022

How are you feeling Rashi?

My therapist asked me a simple question:) Nonetheless, I struggled to express my emotions. The Feelings Wheel is a visual aid created by Dr. Gloria Willcox for those who are unaware. It enables us to put words to our emotions, recognize and discuss them, and change our feelings.

In short, this tool aids in the development of emotional intelligence and awareness. One can investigate feelings related to what one is feeling right now, or one can investigate feelings at the opposite end of the feeling spectrum to see how one alchemizes the experience.

Our emotions can be hazy, elusive, and perplexing at times. Sometimes it’s loud and intense, and other times it’s quiet, buried away, and difficult to find. While words cannot fully capture the essence of emotion, they can help us identify and then communicate our experiences.

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