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Superpower is to have a NOT To Do List

Superpower is to have a NOT To Do List


8th Sept,2021

Received a email yesterday and the subject line intrigued me. I am a great believer and follower of To Do List and have a daily habit of scheduling my meetings, tasks and reminders on my google calendar.

And I must say I was made to self reflect on this…Read on what is this NOT to Do List?

a. Check Messages every 5-10 minutes
Come to think of it all of us have this annoying habit of checking on messages/WhatsApp etc. every few minutes. Does it serve any purpose?

b. Checking the phone regularly.
Are we in a profession where we need minute by minute updates.

c. Picking up calls during meetings.
No one will die if you don’t take calls during meetings. People will understand. Clients will understand.

d. Wasting Time being busy.
We have perfected the art of being busy without doing anything productive.

e. Say “Yes” to everything that takes away your time.Time to set boundaries.

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