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Mothers are Super Mom’s with Super Natural Powers-Ode to my Mom

Mothers are Super Mom’s with Super Natural Powers-Ode to my Mom

She would have turned 75 today.

I have been thinking about this for 3 months now. Yes, missing your mom is normal but the reason I have been really thinking hard is because I had promised her that we will have a gala celebration on her 75th.

Well certainly God had a different plan from ours but this too I learnt from her that Celebrations should never be deferred. And that is why I have been thinking and planning how to celebrate my mom on her 75th birth anniversary.

Mothers! Maa! Maate! Mom! Call her names, Though they probably don’t fly an invisible jet, our moms are wonder women who fly  each day of their lives.

I haven’t experienced motherhood but have been a keen  observer. Observing my mom as a kid and growing up I realized motherhood naturally comes equipped with certain superpowers. These superpowers are exhibited by mom’s  till their last breath.

A bite from a radioactive spider turned Peter Parker into Spiderman. Superman received powers from the sun, and Batman bought his powers with family money. Motherhood brings out these superpowers. You could call it a “mama-morphosis.”

These superpowers include everything that’s required to take on motherhood and overcome the obstacles one face while raising a child. From more strength to an increased stress tolerance, to fixing kid’s problems like a PRO, Mothers are the center of our homes, the backbone that holds the family together.

Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles all play an important role in the child’s life, but there’s no substitute for mothers. The mother-child bond is unique, and science has proven it. For me my mother was a superwoman with supernatural powers and not saying this for the sake of it. She proved it time and again she was a superwoman with supernatural powers and those powers still push me to my limits.

For the ways she has inspired me and for so many mom’s I have come across in life (I decided to do a series of Bookmarks around Hope and Inspiration because no one in this world can inspire a child like a mom can.

Here is how I feel mom’s do have some supernatural powers. Do share the powers that you have realized and felt with moments that you share with your mom. I would be happy to read them all in the comments section.

1. She had an incredible Sense of Smell: I had read mothers develop a better  sense of smell. There is a primal connection that a mother builds up with her child. In studies conducted, it is proven that 90% of the mothers are able to recognize their baby by scent. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t take more than ten minutes for them to reinforce this smell. It further experiments that if the mothers stay with their baby for an hour, the successful identification rate goes up to 100%. So, if you can pick your baby up even blindfolded, don’t get surprised. It is your superpower helping you out.

My mother took the sense of smell to all together at the next level. And I was a witness to this while growing up. Wherever she was sitting or working in the house, she would know exactly when the milk was boiling If I was at home, I was her right hand man to comply with all her supernatural powers.

2. Healing and Calming Power: Have you ever wondered why a child gets restless in other people’s arms but calms down when he/she is her/his mother’s arms? Well, that’s another superhuman ability of mothers. Infants tend to develop a connection with the mothers and look for their hold to get comfortable.

Healing and calming power is lifelong for a child even if you are a 42-year-old child with salt and pepper hair. Whenever I was not well, or in danger, or anxious the first thing I remember is my mother. I would find great safety in her embrace. Her soothing voice had a calming effect and she would hold me in safe space.

3. My Mother had this mystic ability, I could never decipher how she managed it. In the days of good old landlines, If I got a call from a friend, she would know exactly who I was talking to. If it was my friend Aditya / Aditi / Meghna / Richa / Sofia / Shilpa / Priyanjali

4. Faith. A Mother can move mountains when she finds her child in danger. The love between a Mother and child is so pure. My Mom is my superhero not without any reason. When the best surgeons in Delhi had given up and told my parents that my right hand would be amputated because of an infection which had set in post my accident. It was her faith that saved my right hand. She with all her painstaking efforts used to clean up my wounds and bandage my hand twice a day. Miracles do happen when Mothers make strong determination. Even God can’t fight with a mother as melodramatic as it may sound.

5. The love between a child and Mother. How often we have wondered and pondered over the strong bond between a child and Mother. The love spell power Mother develops when she enters Motherhood. This bond carries on till eternity.

6. The Never ending Strength and Stamina. Energizer Bunny is no match to my Mom. She used to wake up before anyone else in the family. Juggle up so much at home. Cooking, washing, cleaning, supervising maid, buying groceries. I sometimes wondered how she withstood her bad days, never complained and just went about with her tasks.

It’s pretty unreal to see how adaptive the female body is when you’re in charge of keeping others alive literally alive.

7. Multitasker. If I could give her an award, the first award I will give her is that of  Super Multitasker. To me my mom could do anything. It’s in the job description right ?

She could cradle me along with dishing out amazing spreads for guests. I was a cranky and cry baby, who would always tag with her. So it was not easy for mom to handle me. One class picnic she made 100 bread rolls for my class at 4 am as I used to leave for school at 5:15 am…and that too in peak winter season.

8. X-Ray vision. She knew what was going through my mind. She was the first to know there was something wrong or off.

Power of a mother surpasses every hurdle. I have blogged about this earlier too. Coming to the Celebrations of her 75th Birthday. I chose to be with the people her age and bring a smile on their face. The venue for this celebration is The Earth Saviours Foundation, located on the Gurgaon Faridabad road.

Losing her, missing her and remembering her all the time also lead me to feel and realize the power of mental health.

Somewhere in my mind I was hurt and stuck in the grief that she lost is mentally. She kind of gave up on her health completely and succumbed to hopelessness. And that is why keeping HOPE became the purpose for me. I have manifested to spread HOPE in every way possible. Her 75th birthday marks my commitment to hope and to make it contagious to every life I touch, every moment I breathe.

How do you stay hopeful?

P.S: Also let me know if you need a chat to bring you back to hope!

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