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HOPE…Let’s always give this in abundance

HOPE…Let’s always give this in abundance

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear hardship today.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

How do you remain optimistic when the world around is crumbling down? What we are experiencing is horrifying, a black spot on humanity. People dying not so much of Covid and its complications but due to lack of oxygen and ICU beds in the hospital. Our healthcare system has been stretched too much for comfort. Shortage and black marketing… Blame game has already started but I wont get into taking sides neither dissect what went wrong.

I am an eternal optimist. I have been in a road accident, train accident and I nearly lost my right hand when the infection had set in post injury and the best doctors had given up and told my parents that my right hand will have to be amputated. It was my Mom’s PRAYERS, FAITH and HOPE that saved my hand. I lost my Mom two years back not so much to swine flu but to hopelessness. She had lost hope in life and was battling depression.

Coming back to the present, here I am, writing, doodling, calling up people…spreading HOPE, Joy, Happiness to people in my environment. Even harshest winters turn to spring. Hope is a decision in that sense.

Imagine if my parents would have given up on hope. Mom was hopeful that things will work, especially when Science had given up. It helped her stay calm and navigate this challenge that presented to her beloved daughter with a lot of patience. She nurtured my right hand with love and care and a miracle manifested and healed my hand. And trust me this right hand packs a punch 🙂 Injury and talk of amputation are now history.

Every challenge in my life was an opportunity to bounce back with new found determination. My own sense of hopelessness post my Mom’s demise pushed me to move out of my comfort zone and reach out to people who were facing similar challenges or challenges thrown by this pandemic.

I derived greater satisfaction and peace when I impart words of hope to another soul. You will be surprised by the sheer power of these nourishing words to the struggling soul who may be fighting for life and death. Words of Hope can uplift people from moments of despair and spur them to fight.

This 4 letter word HOPE is more valuable than we give it credit for. It is a wondrous of gifts. It’s a flame we nurture in our hearts. It may be sparked by someone else but the important thing is to keep it burning.

Hope has what it takes to get you through anything.

Hope is the belief things will work, especially when it seems otherwise.

It helps you stay calm and peaceful when challenges assail us.

Hope believes you will get through it. That this too shall pass.

Hope remembers the times you made it through.

Hope teams up with faith and believe in the impossible.

If we cannot feel hope, it’s time to create hope not only in our lives but in lives of others too. So How do we cultivate Hope?

1.Start with powerful prayers. Everything begins with prayers.

2.Realise Hope is a decision. Its a choice. Each one of us is capable of choosing hope. But it takes a lot of courage. Because our hopes can disappoint us. Based on my life’s experiences, I am convinced that the courage of choosing hope is always rewarded.

3.Life manifests what we think. Life in general gives what we expect in life. I read somewhere Heads that are down can’t scan the horizon for new openings. Bursts of energy do not spring from a spirit of defeat. Ultimately, helplessness leads to hopelessness. If your expectations for life are negative, you end up experiencing the same.

The good thing is that we don’t have to live with negative thinking. We can change this by changing our thinking.

Mark Twain said, “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” Same way if we want hope in our lives, let’s always give Hope in abundance.

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