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2010 – A decade gone by

2010 – A decade gone by

Year-end is a time for reflections, revisiting the year that is gone by, counting the blessings, and gearing up for the year ahead.

Seeing so many reflections on social media from friends and connections, I gave it a thought, and guess what! I reflected on the last decade – of change, progress, loss, and growth.

I would call my last 10 years as My Immersive Decade or the Chaos Before the Change. The decade that reshaped me, a decade I made some bold advances. It’s been a decade overflowing with tough lessons and here are few I could list down for you:

  • Started practicing Nichiren Buddhism.
  • Investing in self was the best investment and that leads to self-care and self-love.
  • Job loss is not the end of career.
  • Started my Entrepreneurial journey.
  • A journey of self-awareness, creative workshops to drums, digital to art.
  • Health is primary. Struggled with back pain and that’s how I know & preach, “Physical Fitness is Financial Fitness”.
  • Fitness as a lifestyle. Since I had realized my health is in my own hands.

Changes that I adopted or we can say they adopted me.

  • Fitbit became my 24*7 companion.
  • Smart watches became a part of my life.
  • Rediscovered myself and discovered new facets about self. Worked on my ‘Leisure Schedule’.
  • Traveled abroad for the first time and by the end of decade I was a regular traveler and a solo traveler too.
  • Friendships matter. And I am blessed to have made new friends.
  • Took time and invested heavily in relationships, thru time & effort.
  • Service to others. Volunteered extensively for Greenpeace.
  • Instagram made me a digital lover.
  • Fell in love with selfie & emoji’s as a way to express.

Shopaholic Tech Updates

  • Bought my first DSLR and Go Pro 6.
  • My first iPad literally changed my life.
  • Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus became one of my best buys of this decade. Yeah, I recommend this.
  • Upgraded My audio cassettes, Compact discs became useless and taught me some important lessons in investments in technology.
  • Became popular in my circle as Tech geek.
  • My book collection multiplied ten folds. A decade in which I read more books.
  • Got rid of watching television. Saved me a lot of time.
  • Once in a week love affair with Bollywood/Hollywood. Yes, I have been a regular at the movies.
  • Became experimental with my wardrobe. Tried different hues of colors and styles.
  • Digital Voice assistants Siri and Alexa became my new BFF.
  • Lost my hero my mother

A decade of change, a life evolved, a life lost, a journey quite inspiring. I believe this decade has been a test drive. My best is yet to come. And guess what! I have my belts on and I am ready to drive.

Wish you all a very happy & gracious 2020.

Happy New Year

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